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Top digital tools for PR professionals

Posted by Antoun Sfeir


The day to day of a PR professional can be an arduous undertaking- from seeking out journalists and influencers, to finding contacts and distributing content, it’s a role that requires multiple different functions that are performed typically over numerous different platforms.  

But with exciting advancements continually taking place in the world of tech, new software solutions intended to optimize PR efforts are becoming commonplace, making things that little bit easier for communications specialists.  

Traditional PR is transitioning into the digital sphere, and savvy marketers partnering with their PR teams, are utilizing the potential of the digital monitoring tools now on offer to aid the modern PR pro get the most out of their marketing campaigns.  

To continue streamlining your workflow, it’s important to stay up to date with the tools that are going to help you maximize efficiencies.   

Identifying journalists and influencers

Targeting  journalists and individuals that have a strong online presence/influence over buyers is essential in the PR strategies of most companies.  Journalists have always been the gateway to target audiences and now with the impact social media has on the way we receive information, reaching out to influencers is also imperative.   

  • BlogDash-  Bridging the gap between PR specialists and bloggers, BlogDash is a database of 200,000+ bloggers, covering all manner of subjects.  Each blogger profile on the site has opted into the service so is ready and willing to be contacted for projects.  Users can search for a relevant writer based on subject matter, keywords, SEO and Klout score. The blogger outreach platform also has some handy extra features such as developing pitch lists and creating campaign goals.

  • Anewstip-  This search engine tool allows communications specialists to find journalists, influencers and media outlets covering particular content through tweets & news articles.  With an influencer scoring system, Anewstip helps PR pros connect with relevant media influencers, filtering their search by topic, keyword, language and more. The influencer marketing tool is ideal for those wishing to broaden their scope of connections with individuals who have a large online presence.

  • Agility PR Solutions- Is a cloud-based software that provides a host of solutions to streamline the workflow of modern communications specialists.  While the tools assist PR professionals in connecting with journalists and bloggers, its main focus is on analyzing and monitoring the success of your PR channel.  Using cutting-edge metrics, measurement reports and detailed analytics, Agility Solutions enables users to glean insights into every element of their daily PR functions.  

Discovering media opportunities

Obtaining media coverage for your business is part and parcel of everyday PR. The ever changing ways of getting your company on the map are becoming more creative than ever as social media reigns over traditional print media, when it comes to reaching audiences.  These digital media marketing tools are here to help.

  • HARO-  Founded by a public relations specialist, HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is an online platform that connects journalists and bloggers to expert sources. Journalists list their needs/requirements and sources are notified 3 times per day about media opportunities.  HARO offers PR teams the chance to raise awareness of a brand, company or product by coming on board as a source. If a particular journalist matches your search requirements, you have some potentially great media coverage on your hands. And it’s also free!

  • Radio Guest List-  A similar platform that connects journalists with sources, but for the medium of radio. Radio producers, journalists, podcast/vidcast hosts reach out for expert sources for their particular project, searching by location, subject matter, keywords etc.  For those in PR, it's another avenue to drive brand awareness in exchange for offering expert insights. A mutually beneficial digital marketing tool that should be on any PR’s list of go-tos.



PR Attribution/Tracking media coverage  

In the day and age where numbers matter, being able to quantify, track and monitor your PR efforts is imperative.  There is little use in a grand PR campaign if you aren’t measuring its effectiveness in black and white metrics. Digitalization of PR has created a landscape in which traditional methods are no longer limited by the restrictions of outdated technology, allowing marketing strategies to be adapted in accordance with performance indicators.  

  • BrandWatch-   This social media analytic tool enables users to monitor and track their presence over 85+ million sites.  Categorized by site so brands can see where they are receiving the most mentions, the software drives smart decision making by seeing in real time which avenues are bringing the most success.  BrandWatch allows you to see competitor PR efforts also, so you can really see who’s staying ahead.

  • Google Alerts -  Perhaps the most widely recognized tool, Google Alerts is a digital marketing analysis tools that tracks brand mentions across the web.  The content change monitoring program allows communications specials to see the presence of their company online, over all platforms and will subsequently receive alerts every time they are mentioned.  These alerts can provide invaluable insight into which PR efforts are making the most headway. The free tool is particularly beneficial for smaller companies who may not have the budget for a media monitoring service just yet.  

  • Mention - A popular alternative to the former, Mention performs the same functions- social media tracking and analysis.  The digital marketing software tool allows companies to really see what their customers are saying about them online, receiving notifications when a business or keyword has been mentioned.  Having access to real-time customer reviews takes the guessing work out of determining public opinion.


Creating and distributing press releases/content


As the staple of any PR’s repertoire, the creation and distribution of press releases still remains relevant despite the move into the digital marketing arena.  Creating strong press releases helps improve brand image, drive interest and expand public knowledge about your particular business and when used effectively can generate the buzz you were hoping for.  

Email and social media remain primary choices when distributing content as new, innovative methods compete to capture audience attention.  Great content works- Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.’ These tools will help you on your way to top notch content creation and distribution.  

  • Cision PRWeb-  Create, distribute and track press releases all from the same place.  The multipurpose software allows users to manage their content from a single platform from initial creation right through to distribution.  PRWeb also has built in analytics which enables tracking and measuring of results. Targeting over 170+ countries and 40+ languages, the digital marketing software tool has additional features such as SEO optimization and customer service validation before release.  

  • MarketWired- A news distribution and social communication service that enables PR pros to create content, build media influencer lists and release targeted content under the same roof.  The data monitoring tool also allows for tracking and measuring results- social media engagement can be quantified and press release performance can be monitored. Communications specialists can create an online newsroom which holds client information and brand details.  MarketWired is a must for those who are trying to streamline their content production/distribution workflow while maintaining quality.

  • epresspack- Our Content Management Solution is a customized software system that enables users to manage their content, publish to their website with integrated social media sharing and distribute to their target audience with auto-generated responsive HTML emails.  Our fully integrated and customizable software also allows you to track the results from your distributed and published content with built -in analytics. We provide solutions for communications specialists from PR professionals to event managers to marketing communications professionals; all elements of the program are tailored directly to meet the needs of your daily operations.    


Any digital PR marketer knows the importance of a solid SEO strategy- when Google accounts for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic, staying at the top of the results page is a must.  

  • Moz- is a digital marketing analysis tool that tracks online visibility while providing advice about how to optimise your SEO strategy.  The software is mostly free and provides a host of features to help you drive traffic to your webpage. Moz also provides invaluable material from industry experts, beginners guides and webinars for those who want to get to grips with the subject more.

  • epresspack- At epresspack, our all-in-one software solution for communications specialists also incorporates a fully integrated SEO visibility and grading system.  Publishing rich media content on your own website and distributing that content through channels that drive traffic back to your website deliver more visibility and better results - moving the needle in search engine results.  


The daily demands of the modern PR professional incorporate a plethora of responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of their job description- reaching journalists/influencers, finding contacts to broaden databases, discovering new media opportunities and of course creating and distributing relevant content that is going to result in higher search engine rankings ultimately driving web traffics and brand visibility.

At epresspack, we are proud to offer our Newsroom Content Management Solution for communications specialists who want to optimize their PR strategy, streamline their day-to-day activities, and measure the results of their efforts in real time.

Equipped with the right tools, your PR channel will be poised to optimize efficiencies across the board.

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