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Top digital tools for PR professionals

05/22/2018 – The day to day of a PR professional can be an arduous undertaking- from seeking out journalists and influencers, to finding...

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How well are you measuring your PR success?

05/15/2018 – Attribution has finally made its way to the PR world -- with a new wave of technological advancement, PR professionals have the...

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PR’s performance on the digital stage

04/27/2018 – How is the relationship between PR and digital marketing evolving?  An interview with epressppack's CEO Antoun Sfeir.  ...

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The Evolving Landscape of PR

04/03/2018 – As technology continues to increase the speed and velocity at which people communicate, the evolving landscape of  PR and digital...

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We are open!

03/13/2018 – Welcome to epresspack's newly launched blog.

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